On the Issues

Pro Life:

Dr. Douglas is steadfastly pro-life and will fight to protect the most vulnerable in our society. He will support legislation to end the travesty of abortion on our state, including the Yes for Life Constitutional Amendment on the ballot in 2022.

Protect the Second Amendment:

Dr. Douglas is 100% pro-gun and will fight against any attempt to disarm law abiding-citizens, including red flag proposals. He supports making Kentucky a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State and ending gun free zones.

Economic Development and Growth:

Dr. Douglas has a multi-pronged approach to promoting economic advancements in the 22nd District and Kentucky as a whole.

  1. Tax Policy: Dr. Douglas will oppose any net increase in taxes and will fight to reduce the overall tax burden on Kentucky citizens and businesses. Hard work should be rewarded, not punished with a burdensome tax structure.
  2. Reducing Red Tape: Dr. Douglas will fight against an increasingly burdensome regulatory state which hurts Kentucky’s ability to attract new business. Over the past year, economic shutdowns and government mandates have crushed small businesses. It is time for the government to get off the backs of small businesses and allow them to thrive under the free market.
  3. School Choice: Our next generations must be equipped with the tools to succeed in this ever-changing world. Dr. Douglas supports the ability for parents to send their kids to the school they feel best sets them up for success. He understands the importance of a quality education from his own experience and wants every kid to have a chance at the American Dream.


Dr. Douglas opposes the teaching of Critical Race Theory and will fight to end the practice in our Kentucky schools. Taxpayer dollars should not be used to support such a victim-based, socially divisive, and degrading ideology.

College Campuses:

Dr. Douglas believes that our Constitutional rights must be respected by all government entities. He will fight to protect the rights of college students from overreaching college administrators. Dr. Douglas supports efforts to ensure free speech, require proper due process, and protect other constitutional rights on college and university campuses.

Medical Freedom:

Dr. Douglas will support the rights of adult Kentuckians to make their own medical decisions in conjunction with their medical doctors.

Opiate Crisis:

Dr. Douglas is a practicing Anesthesiologist and worked for over 23 years in non-narcotic pain management. His successful practice has helped relieve thousands of people of their pain without the use of opiate medications. He has worked tirelessly in practice and on committees to reduce the death, dependence, and destruction of the opiate crisis.